Meaning, Nature, Consequences of Racism

Check out this awesome post by Ace.

“Jeremiah Wright: Blacks’ Brains Are Just Wired Differently”

As Ace points out, this is the meaning of racism.  The races are different in a way that matters.  Their brains are different.  Of course the brains of the “superior” race (whichever one that happens to be depends on who’s proposing this evil idealogy) are superior.  Superiority is defined by whatever standard the followers of the demagogue would accept.

“…Jews are vile schemers plotting to retard and undermine the Master Race.”

This is the nature of racism.  It demands that one judge others based on their membership in the right race, tribe, or collective.

The money quote is from Leonard Jeffries, a professor at City College of New York.  Does anyone remember this hateful, hate-mongering hater from the 1990’s?  He declared:

“…when asked what kind of world he world want to leave to his children, he answered: ‘A world in which there aren’t any white people'”

These are the consequence.  A race war.  Killing in the streets.  And since members of the non-master race aren’t farm animals, they will fight back.

Is this what you want Atlas Shrugs?  Gates of Vienna?


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