Anti-Jihad vs. Pro-Nazi II

This started as a response I was writing to a comment to my previous post by Alan143.  But as I wrote, I thought it would be better to make a separate post.  I will quote relevant parts of his comment:

“You’re unaware of the sheer volume of Muslim attacks on native Europeans nowadays…”

I can’t say I know the exact number, but I read enough on the Internet to get the picture that in every European country, every day there are multiple murders, rapes, and robberies perpetrated by young muslim men against native Europeans, and often against Jews.

“…these attacks are usually gloated over as explicitly RACIST attacks by their perpetrators, the muslim hotheads.”

Yes, the koran explicitly calls for murder, torture, and terrorism of infidels.

Do you suppose that non-muslims should renounce reason, in favor of mindless tribal collectivism and indiscriminate savagery?

“We cannot avoid at least low-level genocide in Europe, since it has already started years ago.”

Yes, it started a long time ago.  That’s why Europe must change its policies! 

“The question is how the natives might respond when their own leaders can no longer destroy their means of self-defence.”

I think we agree that if Europe continues down the path of refusing to address the myriad of issues that cause this problem, it will lead to “high-level” genocide of native Europeans and Jews.

But there is no difference between Europe’s population and Europe’s leaders.  We have the same issue here in the US.  In poll after poll, people say they hate Congress, but they also say they love their particular Congressman.  People want causes without effects, and effects without causes.  They believe in the precise set of ideals that have led to the massive problems they decry.  But they don’t change their beliefs.

People imagine that there is a big gap between the politicians and the populace.  “Somehow”, it would be all different if our gang were in charge.  Would it?  Why would anything be any different?

Until the population changes its beliefs, the government will not change.  And the frustrating thing is that you can’t change their beliefs.  You can write and talk to people.  In the long run, the truth has to win (so long as speech is not suppressed), but it is not instantaneous.

Changing the culture is a massive and slow undertaking.  It may not be possible before the muslim time bomb explodes, in which case things look very bleak for Europe.

But if you think that the collapse of your current government into open armed conflict in the streets is a good thing, then you are in for a rude surprise.

Right now, Europe continues to cling to pacifism, cradle-to-grave marxism, and mercy towards criminals (and intolerance towards politically incorrect opinions).  This course will lead to death in the long run.  Europe is it a crossroads.

Let me state that clearly for the record.  Europe can have either a soft-on-crime pacifist welfare state or it can solve the problems of muslims.

In the 1930’s, there was a social movement that promised cradle-to-grave security combined with white racism.  It was called “NAZI”.  I hope Europe doesn’t go in this direction, but if it does, it will give up trying to solve the problem in favor of adding to it.


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