Islamic Barbarism

So the kingdom of saudi arabia is about to cut the head off a barber from Turkey.  Why, you might ask?  Western Resistance has written about this travesty.

The barber “swore at allah”.

What’s interesting to me is that this brutality is not the random, individual act of an out-of-control thug.  It is not done in an emotional state.  It is supported by islamic scholars (such as they are) and islamic jurisprudence (such as it is).  It is institutionalized.

Two quotes paint a picture of an insane way of life:

… Mr Bogday had an argument with an Egyptian neighbor, who ran a tailor’s shop. Following this row, Mr Bogday was accused by the Egyptian of blaspheming … The Egyptian tailor, meanwhile, has disappeared and did not enter any testimony at the trial. However, his original desposition stands and was the basis of the court case.

[The World Coalition said] “On occasion, their sentence depends solely on confessions obtained under constraint, torture or subterfuge. Trials take place in secret and the accused and their families are not informed of the accusations against them or the evolution of the procedures concerning them.”

It is only a temporarily illusion that a murderous dictatorship like saudi arabia could be an “ally” of the United States.  What could we hope to achieve by such a fiction?


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