US, France, UK Flee from Libya

As Charles Johnson comments at Little Green Footballs:

“The US, Britain, and France walked out of a UN Security Council meeting yesterday, after the Libyan ambassador made a typically disgusting statement.” [emphasis in original]

This is really bad.  Libya made the US run away.

I am sure this will have all sorts of good consequenes for our interests abroad and domestically.  I am sure this will “learn them a lesson” about how to deal with us.  I am sure that the Hate America crowd will be drunk with glee.

But what about the blind elephants?  What will Bush say about this?  What will he do?

Will Americans begin to realize that the UN is nothing more than a forum for murderous dictatorships where they can steal some respect and legitemacy from the US?

Stay tuned, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!


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