Feminism = Hatred of Man

Here is another one for blind elephants everywhere to condemn as “going too far.”  Christina Hoff Sommers wrote on National Review Online today about a new threat facing science.

Of course, they concede, the full force of government should be brought down on the head of any person or company that “discriminates” against women.  It’s just that the definition of “discrimination” is proving so elusive–and elastic.

Well, you blind pachyderms, what else could it mean other than quotas, lowered standards, and injustice meted out to individual males, teams, labs, university departments, and corporations?

This, of course, is the outcome desired by the feminists.  Hoffman’s article makes it clear that the quality and quantity of science research will decline, and the costs will go up.  But this is all good, in the name of some gender fantasy apparently shared by feminists and incomprehensible to the rest of us.

What was it again that feminism had to do with anti-white racism?  And what was that common factor that both have in common with animal “rights”, global warmening, tax-the-rich socialism, and surrender to our jihadic friends in the islamic world?

Reverend Wright said it so eloquently:

“God Damn America.”


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