Science, Corrupted by Government Money

I have a theory.  If it weren’t for the lure of money offered by the government, science would be far more honest, and would advance much faster than it does today.  For example, watching a program about Alaska last night, the announcer casually said that the earth’s climate history has perfectly tracked the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Over a period of 250 million years, the average temperature of the north shore of Alaska has dropped 54 degrees Fahrenheit, due to–in his claim–the change in CO2 levels.

Needless to say he did not discuss temperatures at the equator, which would presumably have averaged over 120 degrees, with peaks over 170!

This is starting to look like the old bible-belt laws that mandated teaching creationism, or the more recent laws that outlawed irrational numbers.  I believe it was Tennassee that set the value of PI to 3, by statute.

These kinds of laws attack the mind.  How can one think if one has a choice between supressing thought or breaking the law?

How long will it be before teachers in schools must indoctrinate children with the idea that CO2 is the sole factor in climate, and that it’s relationship to temperature is linear and perfectly causal?


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