Religion vs. Science

So there is a new film out by Ben Stein, Expelled.  Stein is grinding the old ax that religion and creationism have been left behind as we left the medieval dark ages and developed science and reason.  The first absurdity is in labelling this stuff as “smart new ideas”.  It’s not smart and it certainly is not new!

What’s new is the name: “intelligent” design.  Just like marxists keep coming up with new names for communism, it seems that now is creationism’s turn.  “Intelligent design” is creationism, and it’s just as absurd.

Anyways, the point of this blog entry is to point out the blind donkey (so-called “science”) answer to the blind elephant (creationism).  I just read a website called Expelled Exposed.  The money quote is:

Scientific theories do not include God because scientific theories must be tested.

This is the absurdity of Karl Popper.  A premise in science, he asserts, must be “falsifiable”.  This is sort of good, in a way, as far as it goes.  It does rule out claims about cosmic smurfs.  But it is a bizarre and unnecessarily roundabout way of trying to address the problem.  In fact, it is a way of avoiding the objective approach:

  1. To exist, a thing must possess identity
  2. A scienific claim must address something that exists
  3. There are no contradictions in reality

There are other rules, but you get the idea.  The problem with asserting the existence of god is that one either must avoid giving god any identity at all (i.e. infinitely mutable, ineffable, and thus non-existent) or one must propose obvious contradictions (e.g. the earth is flat and it’s 10,000 years old).  The former may not seem as much like ignorance as the latter, but both are wrong and both are definitely not scientific.

To the extent a “scientist” believes in myths, legends, hopes, and wishes, he is not a scientist.  To the extent one is a scientist, one refuses to think about non-existence, arbitrary claims about nothing, and contradictions.

Folks, Immanual Kant tried to marry faith and reason.  The ultimate result was the USSR.  Let’s move on past that, and maybe we will head towards a better future?



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