Cigarettes Thrown Out Car Windows

This is one of my pet peeves.  Are cigarette smokers so callous, so ready to abuse others, that they do this knowingy?  Or are their expectations so skewed that they think it’s normal to have cigarette butts everywhere?  Or are they so oblivious that they don’t think about it at all?

Regardless, here is a case where the answer is both simple and obvious.  There are no powerful constituencies to lobby against it.  Why don’t we just enforce the law?  In most places, throwing litter out of a car window is punishable by a fine of at least $250 (if not much more).  I think the fact that this litter is on fire escalates the violation to a misdemeanor.

Whatever happened to plain old law enforcement??

No major media coverage spin.  No multimillion dollar lobbying campaign.  No sound bites from politicians promising, with grave faces, to solve this “crisis”.  Just cops doing their job, making the world safe for us innocent people who don’t throw garbage onto other people’s property, or recklessly risk starting a fire.


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