The Next Big Religion

No, not islam.  That was the last big religion.

Environmentalism has come a long way since that little group of smelly hippies celebrated “earth day” in 1970.  Of course, islam has come a long way since that smelly murderer and child rapist was pillaging, looting, and raping 1400 years ago.  And, while we’re at it, Christianity has come along way since that smelly hippy was running around 2000 years ago.  Etc.

The driver for enviromentalism’s rapid growth recently?  Global warmening.

Mainstream media, Hollywood, and politicians of every flavor are pushing it.  It’s become the Big Lie.  It doesn’t have to be true–who would dare say anything against it?

I think it is headed for a massive fall.  Why do I say that?  Every other religion lasted for centuries once it attained critical mass.  But environmentalism is different.

Environmentalism claims to be based on reason and reality.

The facts, however, are against it.  For one thing, it hasn’t gotten any warmer yet!  That is a pretty major flaw for a theory that claims the earth will be warming catastrophically.  For another, the climate has varied a great deal more over the past millions of years than it has recently.  Finally, the climate has never “run away” by positive feedback.

The best way to oppose this horrible and horribly-anti-human doctrine is on the facts.  I think it is better to avoid discussing whether the carbon “footprint” of cars is bad or not bad, or whether corn-based ethanol uses more energy than it produces, etc.  These things may be true.

But they are besides the point!

Worse yet, they help the global warmenistas do their damage.  To talk about whether ethanol helps reduce CO2 means that you concede the point that CO2 is bad!  I don’t think you should concede any such thing.

Like other religions, this one can mutate.  If its leaders think that people don’t like ethanol subsidies any more, the religion will demand a ban on ethanol and it will push some new vision of heaven.  What it can’t tolerate is (no pun intended) sunlight.

It can’t stand up when people show how the whole religion has no basis in reality, as Professor Bob Carter (a geologist in Australia did), or Coyote did, or Michael Crighton did.

For the record, over 19,000 American scientists have signed a petition opposing it.


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