Holy Non-Objective Law, Batman!

So I watched Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls last night.  He is amazing to watch because he is so good at impossible-looking things.

He was making his way across the Outback in Australia.  He mentioned that the aborigines “live close to the land”, they “live in harmony”, and they “never take more than they need,” etc.  A myth.  Environmentalism is a luxury only affordable to wealthy westerners whose factories have eliminited so much cost and waste that we can afford to live less well than we might.

This would be impossible and incomprehensible for subsistence hunter-gatherers.

Anyways, then he said because the aboriginies are so politically- and environmentally-correct, they are the only people who are allowed to kill indigenous animals.  Let that sink in good and hard.  The law specifically prohibits some people, but permits others to do the same thing.

This is non-objective law.

And it creates two classes of citizen.  Australia, it would seem, is well on its way back to feudalism and the Dark Ages!


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