A Little Religious Mysticism

Fox News wrote today about a religious Jew who was removed from a plane because he was standing in the back praying, and refused to sit down so the plane could take off.

Here is the money quote:

“He doesn’t respond to them, but his friends explain that once you start praying you can’t stop,” said Brafman, who was seated three rows away.

I am glad he was removed; he has no right to force everyone to wait for his personal, stupid, little ritual.  And I hope the airlines will have the integrity to remove islamists from planes when they stage situations like periodically.

But the point of this blog entry is to point out why Blaise Pascal’s wager is so wrong.  There is great personal harm in compromising your mind to accept mysticism on faith.  Taken consistently, this is where you end up: removed from a plane because you’re blind to reason and the flight attendants pleading with you to sit down!


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