Where the Rubber Hits the Road

So the autoblog wrote today that in order to hit some arbitrary CO2 reduction level, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) would have to be raised to 75 mpg.  CAFE is a regulatory scheme that lets people think they can vote for “the good” while personally exemtping themselves from the general sacraficing that it forces.  CAFE mandates that the entire fleet of cars manufactured by a company must average a certain number (I believe it’s 27.5 today, but it doesn’t matter).

Do-gooders like Al Gore and John Edwards know that carmakers will be permitted to make some nice cars, because they can still hit the average mandated by law.  This is the same logic used by voters approving expensive mass-transit systems too.  It’s good for thee, but not for me.

Anyways, aside from the Big Lie that is global warming, it will take a whole lotta sacraficing if the average fuel economy of all new cars must be 75mpg.  If our legislature passes such a draconian law, I would predict a whole market segment will keep their old cars and pay restoration companies to rebuild the motors and transmissions, strip them down to the bare metal, repaint them, install updated electronics and new interiors complete with new car smell.  That would be preferable to trading in a fast and luxurious car for a miserly econobox.

Ayn Rand noted that people will cheat on their moral code, but they won’t speak out against it.  Who today has the courage to stand up and say that we have a right to live for the sake of our own happiness, global warming is a giant hoax, and our grandkids or great-grandkids have time enough to figure out what they will use when if oil runs out*.

I recommend readers of my blog go out right this minute and buy a new car with a Hemi.  Get the 6.1L “SRT8” version in the Charger, Challenger, or 300C if you can find one.  Or get one of the GM vehicles with 6.2L V8, preferably the supercharged version due out in the Corvette ZR-1 and Cadillac CTS-V this fall!

I don’t say this merely because I think y’all deserve to drive cars with the luxury of massive power.  I say this to make your voice heard.  To communicate our message.  To protest Big Environment gone amuck.  To fight the Environmental Warmening Complex.  To stick it in their faces and let them know where you stand!

Yeah, man!


*Rising prices make oil extraction feasible that would not have been feasible at $25/barrel.  Improving technologies make oil extraction less expensive.  Technologies may make it economically attractive to convert coal to gasoline.  So it may be that the problem won’t manifest until 2500AD.  Who knows, and frankly, it’s immoral to force people today to sacrafice for the sake of potential problems that may not occur for centuries.


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