Prediction about the Human Footprint

When I turned on the TV last night, The Human Footprint was on.  I had a few minutes to see it before I turned away to something worthwhile.

I predict that this show will be taken off the air.  I don’t think Americans are ready for a Medieval ethic of self-denial, self-flagellation, confessions, and wearing a cilice.

Recycling soda cans yes.  This pointless little ritual makes them feel self-righteous at little cost.  Recycling smelly tuna fish cans, well, maybe.  Self-righteousness is only worth so much.

Spending an hour a week at a broadcast confessional to their consuming guilt?  I am not betting on it.

I don’t think that smirking announcer will get too many people to watch the show.  I don’t think the show’s cheery music can mask the dark ages apocalyptic viewpoin, and I don’t think there is much point to seeing an acre of Wonderbread loaves stacked up.


One Response to “Prediction about the Human Footprint”

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