Moral Cowardice

Little Green Footballs today posted an entry about a terrorist leader.  Abu Izzadeen faces “possible” life in prison for waging his murderous war.

I submit that this is utter cowardice on the part of the UK.  There are two issues here.  The lesser issue is what Izzadeen deserves.  He deserves death.  But that’s the lesser issue.

The greater issue is the quesion: what is at stake?  Either you believe that the survival of the UK (and Western Civilization) is at stake, or you try to pretend it’s just a bumper sticker slogan.

For the sake of winning the war for our survival, we at least have to kill our enemies whenever they are dumb enough, clumsy enough, or unlucky enough to get caught.  Otherewise, we’re just trying to emulate the hare in Aesop’s old fable.  The hare thought he could go to sleep and nap because the tortoise was so slow.  Today, we think we can afford to continually sacrafice our interests because the terrorists are so weak.

Saudi Arabia has more than enough money to fight a global war.  And Iran’s centrifuges are not spinning so slowly.

Wake up you cowards!


2 Responses to “Moral Cowardice”

  1. They have lost their survival instinct because they have been too comfortable for too long. They don’t know how to fight anymore.

    They had better learn fast.

  2. […] Ragnar Danneskjold wrote an interesting post today on Moral CowardiceHere’s a quick excerptLittle Green Footballs today posted an entry about a terrorist leader. Abu Izzadeen&#160 […]

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