Global Warmening = Y2K Bug

Coyote has a brilliant observation.  The Y2K “problem” had the same drivers and responses as the global warmening “problem.”  I like his analysis also (and it’s applicable to many other areas, such as drug approvals): assymetrical blame in case the doomsday scenario is true or if it’s false.

If Y2K turned out to be real, any company that neglected it would be destroyed.  If it turned out to be false, then overspending to fix it would be forgotten–especially because they could claim that their fix was successful.

The problem is that most people lack the virtue of independence.  An indpendent mind is not swayed by peer pressure this way.  An independent mind says “show me the evidence,” and is not particularly interested in chicken-little scares.

But independance is precisely what Blaise Pascal was trying to attack when he offered his famous arguement for faith.  If god does not exist, what harm is there in praying?  But if he does and you don’t pray, you will pay eternally.  What harm, other than to compromise your mind’s ability to think, judge, and act?

What harm other than to make yourself into a sheep ready to be led to slaughter by anyone who can conjure up illusions for you to be scared of?


Update Apr 17

Just to be clear, I think the idealogy of global warmening is based on altruism.  Self-sacrafice is the ideal to an altruist, and the global warmening hoax is just the latest in a series of lies, usually offered by religions, going back thousands of years.

“You will suffer eternal damnation, unless you bring me your gold.”

“You will suffer hellfire and brimstone, unless you give up your cars.”

Not much difference between the two…


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