Environmentalism = Anti-Business

TheAge.com.au reports that the world wildlife fund has formed an “alliance” with the coal industry.

Quick question, what in the world does an animal advocacy group have to do with global warming?  Is it just that global warmening will lead to tide risening which will reduce habitat for animals?  Doubtful.

Anyways, the other enviro-groups are mad.  Here’s the money quote:

“…a Greenpeace spokesman [said] the group was deeply disappointed that WWF was taking a ‘coal industry position’.”

Yup.  Environmentalism sure sounds like it is about facing reality, and not at all about trying to destroy industry (and western civilization).  I say this because someone who sees a real problem in reality and who wants to solve it by facing reality will obsess about who else agrees or disagrees, and will shy away from positions taken by their hated enemies.  Whereas destroyers will go wherever the facts may lead them, and not worry about who else thinks what.

Oh, wait.  I got that backwards, didn’t I?


P.S.  Of course, the whole idea of “carbon sequestration” makes about as much sense as Al Gore’s apocalyptic fantasies about catastrophes.


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