Impractical Biofuels

Today, it is fashionable to promote “alternative” energy sources.  Wind, solar, geothermal, ethanol from corn, and even algae   This stuff is promoted by enviromentalists because it’s not practical.  It either doesn’t scale (like geothermal) or it is prohibitively expensive (like solar).

Warren at Coyote Blog points out that algae is just another form of solar energy–and it’s less efficient than solar panels (which are too inefficient to be economical).

This stuff is promoted by a certain kind of “business” that exists to siphon off as much government subsidy money as they can get away with.

Thus, there is an unholy alliance between the west coast VCs, investment bankers, and “green” startups and the environmentalists who’d like to repeal civilization and replace it with primitive hunter-gatherer tribes.

They are united because their proposed sources of energy don’t work.


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