Free Speech

So WorldNet Daily has an article about a college in Michigan that has ordered a professor to remove conservative material from his office door.  The college allows liberal professors to display their material on their doors.

Most of the article is about the deplorable double standards used by the college.  But as soon as it delves into the topic of rights, it falls apart.  The First Amendment to the Constitution says:

All Institutions of Higher learning shall have a duty to set no standards for content, and to tolerate all views…

Oh, wait.  No it doesn’t.  It says:

Congress shall make no law…

The Constitution is an organizing document for a government.  It is not a set of laws intended to restrict private action.  It was build on a model of government restricted only to enumerated powers, and unlimited private liberties.  This is called freedom.  The opposite, a model of unlimited government and severely limited private action, is called dictatorship.

If most people can’t understand this distinction, we’re in deep trouble.


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