Pope to Change 2000-Year Legacy of Church

Reuters writes that the Pope is going to address the UN.  The Witch Doctor is going to address the Atillas.

The money quote is:

“But surely, coming to the U.N. as a pilgrim of peace, he will say that we cannot base our relations on the false notion that might makes right…

The last I checked, the Catholic Church dominated the Western World for about 1000 years.  During that time, murder and brutality ruled.  Is the Pope going to try to break from this sorry legacy?

Don’t hold your breath.  The Pope is a man of faith, and that means belief in bullshit, just because.  Well, what happens when two people who believe in different flavors of bullshit have a dispute?  They resort to force.  Always have, and always will.

Might makes right, doesn’t it Pontiff?


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