Dirty, Rotten, Lying, Cheating, Son of … the Press!

The Associated Press published today another piece about the presidential campaign.

The money quote:

“[Obama] responded by delivering perhaps the biggest speech of his campaign to call for racial understanding.”

This is a whitewash because, at best, it was a controversial speech.  Perhaps.

But it is also a lie.  Obama did not “call for” racial understanding, except “perhaps” he demands that whites understand the racist hatred of Wright.

In fact, Obama threw his grandmother under the bus for the sake of his presidential ambitions.  In fact, Obama tried to gloss over the difference between the fear that white people feel when they see gangs of young black men on the street and the premeditated tribal hatreds of Wright.

In fact, any attempt to call for “racial” understanding is racist, and therefore will lead only to more resentment.  What’s needed is not “racial” understanding, but liberty.  Let me explain.

As is so often the case, the government assumes there is a conflict.  Based on this assumption, it creates laws and subsidies that it says will address the conflict, but which actually create and escalate the conflict.

Today, some black people are given unearned money and unearned positions.  These “gifts” are either directly granted by the government, or by private companies under threat of government displeasure.  There are no white male* beneficiaries of this kind of largesse.  The problem is particularly acute for employers who know that to fire a black employee carries a very high risk of massive financial damages.

Labor lawyers define “minority” as a member of a legally privileged class.

This regime pits blacks against whites.  It creates the very conflict it is claimed to fix.  Class warfare and race warfare.  Why does no one notice that the more government does in the name of fixing the problem, the worse the problem gets??

If a presidential candidate really wanted to fix the problem, his platform would be:

  • End welfare entirely
  • End affirmitive action
  • Shut down the EEOC
  • recognize the right of private citizens and corporations to discriminate (in all senses of the word)

Obama is a race pimp, just like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakkan, etc.  And Jeremiah Wright.  Race pimps exploit the envy, fear, and greed of illiterate fools to gain personal power.


*Some white females are similarly given what they did not earn also.


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