Rage, Rage Everywhere

I am talking, of course, about rap “music” that is played nowadays in many public venues.  To my ears, it sounds like black men chanting hatefully in rage.

So today, I complained to a desk clerk at one place (which shall remain nameless) that was pumping this noise into the space where non-angry non-blacks were spending their money.

Me: could I request different music?

Clerk: no

Me: <funny look>

Clerk: it comes in on satellite and we can’t change anything

Me: can I ask you to relay a request to management?

Clerk: if you don’t like it, you can wear headphones

Me: I don’t think it’s appropriate in this part of the world to play the noise of angry black men chanting!

Clerk: I bet most people wouldn’t like your music!

Me: <walked out but plan to return to talk to the manager about two problems: bad sound and bad clerks>

Wassup wid’at?

This is one of those topics on which most white people are afraid to speak up.  While I know that some whites (particularly low-class young males) like this noise, most don’t.  The place where I heard this today was an affluent suburb that is, approximately, 99% white.  Companies think that appeasing the Black Anger movement is practical because whites don’t mind.

Beware: mistake fear for tolerance at your peril!


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