Honest Error, or Anti-America?

Israel (and apparently their Arab terrorist antagonists) have invited some “progressive” bloggers to visit.  They hope that this will improve how these “progressives” understand their dire situation.

“Progressives” consistently advocate policies that hurt the cause of liberty, prosperity, and human life:

  • marxism
  • environmentalism
  • “animal rights”
  • anti-white racism
  • anti-male genderism
  • anti-American (and anti-Israel) pacifism

If it were honest error, you would expect them to be pro-human-life on at least a few issues.  That they are so consistently anti-human practically proves that they are consumed by a desire to destroy.  Of course, their own statements and actions are the full proof.

Charles at Little Green Footballs captures it eloquently:

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this resulted in some changes of heart? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if unicorns from space cured the common cold?”

Unfortunately, those unicorns are visiting Israel to see if they can damage its cause.  Israel should not give them the moral sanction of an official invitation–let them write their poisonous words on their own!



I forgot to include “lovers of criminals” to the list above.


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