Health Risks

It’s like the old joke (among people who are not “politically correct”):

“Sky to fall next week, women and minorities to be hardest hit.”

The AP wrote:

A top government health official said Wednesday that climate change is expected to have a significant impact on health in the next few decades, with certain regions of the country — and the elderly and children — most vulnerable to increased health problems.

This is what’s known as a Big Lie.  The prosaic truth is that temperatures on the surface of the earth haven’t increased much (if at all), and that warmer is better for life on the planet (and mankind) than colder.  But the truth does not serve the “progressive” cause.

What about the health risks of a goverment so arrogant, so abusive, so corrupt that it steals an ever-growing fraction of your money in order to do laughable pseudo-science and then use that to justify forcing everyone to act against their own better judgement to stave off the problems that only exist in their fantasies?

What about the health risks of fascism?

*blank out*


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