Fighting to Win

Taliban troops murdered construction workers in Aghanistan.  These are definitely bad guys.

So Holger Danske should be lauded for saying what few have the courage to say that we need to:

“…wipe the Taliban off the face of the Earth.”

I don’t agree with him that we need to tripple troop levels or that we have any kind of duty as a result of their attacks on Afghans.  I think that they have started a war with us, is enough reason.

Remember 9/11?

The Taliban played a prominent role in this mass murder of Americans on American soil, and thus have made themselves our enemies.

There is only one way to fight.  If you must fight (and I by no means believe this should be a light decision), then fight to win.  Win as quickly and cheaply as possible.  This will usually be by the simple method of killing as many of the enemy as possible, and doing it using big bombs (even nuclear bombs).

No mercy to the enemy!  Our job is to minimize first the deaths and injuries of our own troops, and then the cost to us in dollars.  The cost to the enemy is not our problem, nor our consideration.

Along with the Taliban, we need to anihilate Iran.  If we went in one day and reduced it to a massive pile of death, and took back the oil (which they looted from us about 50 years ago), the world would be a lot better for America and a lot safer for everyone.

If we continue to play chicken with them, they will eventually build their nuclear bombs.  After that will comes some very bad days for America and everyone else.


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