Anti-McCainnites for McCain

McCain is an authoritarian, fascist-leaning politician.  McCain-Feingold did more to destroy the right of freedom of speech and the press than any other 10 bad laws.

But I say vote for him this election.

We are currently in World War IV.  In the Republican Party, there is a basic recognition of this fact and some discussion of how to win.  In the Democratic Party, on the other hand, there is no acknowledgement that we in a war, started by a determined enemy.  Just look at the comments on Ann Althouse’s blog (these people are downright police compared to some I’ve seen).

Compared to the issue of the war: appeasing our enemies vs. fighting them, all other issues are secondary: the economy, business regulation, the fraud of global warmening.  Oh, and don’t even bring up abortion–it’s not in the top 20!

The money quote comes from one of the comments to the blog:

We are in WW4. This is just one of the battles. We can’t stop playing the game. Even if we withdraw, we’re still in it. We cannot take our ball and go home. [emphasis in original]


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