Pseudo News

Give it up already!  The Associated Press, an organization that spews out material that is sometimes alleged to be “news”, wrote another apology for Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  This is the money quote:

“But it’s a side of Wright that has been overshadowed by his inflammatory remarks…”

Once and for all, it is not his remarks that are the problem.  And it’s not just that his remarks are “inflammatory”.  Wright is a black bigot.  He is a racist who hates white people, hates America, hates liberty, and hates success (“middleclassness”)!

To position this as being about how his “inflammatory” “remarks” “overshadow” his “other side” is beyond disingenuous.  It is dishonest in the extreme, even if this was billed as an opinion piece.

Wright is a hating, hateful hater.

More importantly, Barack Obama, the would-be President of the United States of America, has had a decades-long, intensely close and personal relationship with this vicious, horrible piece of excrement.

This is not guilt “by association”.  Obama, like everyone else, has a choice in who he wants to be close to, who he admires and respects–and who he runs from screaming.

He chose to be close to Wright because they have a lot in common.

I made an error when I wrote out the litany of what Wright hates.  He hates America first.  And he said it, “God Damn America!”


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