Border Fence, Good or Bad for Environment?

According to a CBS News article, environmentalists have claimed the fence currently being built along the Mexican border “puts already endangered species in even more danger of extinction.”

Any bets their real issue is that they oppose the idea of the country securing its borders?

But, the blind elephant comes to the rescue!  The money quote is from Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.  The fence is “good for the environment” because immigrants degrade the land with trash and excrement.

There ya have it, folks!  One of the most controversial issues of our time is illegal immigraion.  One of the measures currently being enacted to address the problem is building a fence along the border.

Blind Donkey: Stop, it’s bad for the environment!

Blind Elephant: No, it’s actually good for the environment!

Would someone please invite relevancy back into the room?

Oh, and by the way, not every issue is good or bad for “the environment.”  Oh, and also by the way, “the environment” is not a person, it doesn’t have values, and thus the concepts of “bad” and “good” don’t apply.  Attempting to personify the environment is just concealment for your position, whatever it may be.  The fence is neither good nor bad for Planet Earth.

Whether it’s good or bad for the citizens of the USA is a separate question.


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