God Save America from Conservatives

Today, The Corner at National Review Online published a small expose on how the government is wasting our money pretending to dispose of nuclear waste.

Great for them.  From the sound of it, this program is just fraud to take taxpayer money and probably dispose of it by giving it to contractors.

But it wouldn’t be a blind elephant (or a typical conservative rant) without conceding an important moral point to the leftists:

…while other programs have worthy goals but poor execution or program design, this program doesn’t even have a worthy goal.

This means, in plain English, the following goals are worthy:

  • attacking humans in the name of animals
  • attacking humans in the name of plants
  • attacking males in the name of females
  • attacking whites in the name of non-whites
  • attacking people who earn money in the name of
    • the poor
    • the children
    • the old
    • the sick (especially with politically-favored diseases)
    • everyone with his hand out for a handout

It’s just that we haven’t executed well(!)

I know, I know.  Perhaps it’s not these goals that the author meant.  Perhaps it’s other, ineffable, goals…

If I could accomplish just one thing for now, it would be to convince those who really want to roll back the welfare state that it’s OK to say it’s wrong period.  But then they would have to roll back their own beliefs in original sin, unearned guilt, duty, and all the other junk that makes good, productive people give moral sanction to evil.

At least I can say it.  Armed robbery at gunpoint is never a worthy means.  Giving the unearned loot to people who haven’t earned it is never a worthy ends.  And even if it were, it would never justify the means!


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