Faith-Based Thinking

Jack M. at Ace of Spades writes that Hillary Clinton’s faith is a virtue:

“…the one commendable aspect of Sen. Clinton’s persona: her religious faith.”

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, faith is motivating people to nail themselves up to crosses.

The connection doesn’t get any clearer than this.  Altruism (self-sacrifice), mysticism (faith), and collectivism (socialism) comprise the great axis that continues to try to grind America down into the dark ages.

I had to think twice about whether to put this under “blind elephants and donkeys” or “rule of unreason”.  The case for blind elephants is that Ace is an elephant finding common ground with Hillary, a donkey.  They both evolved from a common ancestor.  I ultimately decided to put it under the rule of unreason, because that’s what faith is: unreason.

Faith is believing in something without evidence, or sometimes despite contrary evidence.  For example, some people believe that the climate is warmening.  It’s not actually any warmer (the hottest year on record was actually 1934), but once someone is in the grip of faith, he is innoculated to facts.


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