Socialized Science Education

Christina Hoff Summers writes about the revolution that is underway now in science education.  In brief, everything you always loved about “affirmative action”, quotas, litigation, mandatory re-education sesstions, chilling politically correct environments, and heavy-handed regulators is starting to come to the world of hard science.  Unlike the humanities, hard science has been neglected by radical deconstructionists.

Until now.

I put this under “blind elephants and donkeys” because while Summers is quite good at cataloging the evils about to fall, and identifying the proximate cause, she completely misses the root cause.  I will say it for the record.

The root cause is government funding, and hence control over, education.

Absent government control, there is a market that determines who gets money and who does not.  This is just another way of saying that each person decides where he wants to work, and what he wants to spend his money on.  Toyota is more successful than Mercury because their cars offer what more people want.

But government control eliminates freedom of choice.  The government gets its money through taking it by force.  It doles it out to some, and withholds it from others, based on any means other than the quality of the product.  Bureaucrats are not spending their own money for product that they use themselves.  They are spending other people’s money for product that they will force others to use.

In short, government control means replacing freedom of choice with the force of a gun.  It means replacing merit with politics.

Since most normal people have lives to lead (and would be repulsed by dishonest politics), this means putting people like Elliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton, or Rev. Jeremiah Wright in charge of what you get for your money.

The only solution to this problem is something that either Summers did not think of, or did not choose to address:

the separation of education and state

We need this for the same reasons as the separation of church and state.  As soon as the government controls the content of education, it will use that control to train sheep to become obedient serfs of the state.  The travesty documented by Summers is just the next step on this path.


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