VDH’s Problem

Victor Davis Hansen writes:

Whence Obama’s problems? It is not that he believes in the venom of Rev. Wright, or that when he says something stupid like a “typical white person” he means to imply a stereotyped distasteful race. He doesn’t. 

It isn’t?  He doesn’t?

Hansen’s thinks the problem is that the lefty environment has rubbed off on Obama so thoroughly that he can’t tell the difference between “extreme” and “normal”.  Not to pick on Hansen, but I’d like to use him as an example of why the elephant is so blind, so often.

Hansen’s approach is thoroughly anti-ideas.  Rather than looking at Obama’s ideas, he dismisses them as irrelevant.  Of course, Obama doesn’t actually believe that nonesense.  Ignore the time and money he’s spent to listen to it, and of course let’s overlook the fact that Obama invited the hate-monger Wright to officiate at his wedding and his daughters’ baptisms.  He does not believe it.  Just take it on faith that he doesn’t believe it.

Obama problem comes from the fact, according to Hansen, that his views are “extreme” (outside the mainstream).  And the worst part is he does not realize this.  Oh my God, he doesn’t realize it!  Someone call in a firing squad, the man has lost his perspective!

With all due respect, Mr. Hansen, you are guilty of presumption just as any “liberal” who offers excuses for the welfare queen or crack addict or criminal.  Maybe it’s just a way to try to expiate the guilt of the original sin of slavery?


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