Asymmetical Arguments

Remember when islamic terrorism was more promiment in the media?  It amazes me how quickly real acts of mass murder became a bumper-sticker slogan!  Anyway, there was one particular tactic used by apologists for islam that caught my attention.

“Well, Christians commit acts of terrorism also.  Just look at Timothy McVeigh!”

This is the debate equivalent of:

“Hey, look over there, something shiny!”

It is intellectually dishonest.  I put this blog entry under “blind elephants vs. blind donkeys” because I often see the elephant fail to respond properly to this one.

More recently, another example of this same principal has come to the national attention.  Lefties are now asserting that McCain has to denounce <insert favorite white supremacist here>, otherwise he is guilty of the same thing as Obama.

A desire to rob, rape, and murder blacks is a mainstream part of the Republican Party today, the same way that terrorism is part of the Christian religion today.

In the minds of the blind donkeys!


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