Obama’s Original Sin

Every major blog has addressed Reverend Wright’s hateful, racist diatribes.  It seems pretty obvious that Obama himself buys into this (as does his wife).  Bloggers have also dissected Obama’s “apology” speech, and made many good points and observations.

I wanted to address a seemingly minor point that I have not seen addressed elsewhere.  Obama used the term “America’s original sin” to describe slavery.  To a non-Christian, this may seem like a clever way to say that slavery existed at the time the country was formed.

But I think Obama is a religious man, and he meant something much more profound–and more vicious–than that.  In the bible, original sin is the notion that Eve defied God’s command.  Her sin was not only hers alone, but inherited by all of us.  We are all guilty and we can never truly be free of our guilt.

Obama is saying that white people today owe a blank check to black people.  This is to try to make amends for a guilt that can never be expiated.  This is a deadly premise, deadly for blacks who believe in it, and deadly for whites also.

Blacks who believe in this can use it to justify any kind of crime with a white victim, and of course any kind of government action targeting whites.  Blacks who believe this are willingly walking onto a slave ship.  This slave ship will take them to a totalitarian dictatorship.  It may be labelled in the name of blackdom, but without property rights, equality under the law, and freedom of speech (including the freedom to say things that may offend someone), it is nothing more than a dictatorship run for the benefit of the dictator’s whims.

Hitler’s Germany is a good example of a dictatorship run in the name of blue-eye white people.  Does anyone believe that blue-eyed white people were well-served?  Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is a dictatorship run for the alleged benefit to black people.  Does anyone believe black people are better off there, for Mugabe’s rule?

Whites who believe in the notion of slavery as original sin are rendered helpless to object by their own unearned guilt.  But more importantly, they have to view blacks as victims, and thus lesser beings.  This is the condescending, racist attitude of “liberals” who say they only want to “help” blacks with handouts, lowered standards, and a giant dose of contempt disguised as “love”.

I cannot think of a more divisive (to use Obama’s term) view.  It sets up the very conflict of interest that it presumes already exists.


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