One Percent Envy

So one of the scions of the Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical family, Jamie, is really rich.  His new movie panders to the envious with yet another hate-the-rich screed.  The money line is, “behind every fortune is a crime.”

Uh Jamie?  Why don’t you do what any moral person would do if he found himself in the posession of stolen property?

<*blank out*>

It’s hardly worth discussing the actual content of his movie.  It’s just regurgitated envy.

It should be noted that many third and fourth generation scions are unproductive.  That is not an excuse for the unwholesome desire to loot their wealth.  More importantly, that is not an indictment of the first and second generation who created the wealth in the first place.

Anyways, what interested me more about this was that it received a glowing write-up in Men’s Vogue magazine.  This is a magazine with ads for $20,000 watches, $200,00 Maserati cars, $1000 designer shirts, etc.  Is the magazine pandering to how the merely rich envy the mega-rich?  Do the merely-rich realize that, to 95% of Americans and 99.99% of the rest of the world, they are the subject of the same envy?

Or is it self-loathing that the magazine is pandering to?

Either way, it’s sick.

Note: there are crooks in the world.  But when you condemn “the system” (of free enterprise), you are arguing that wealth is zero-sum and that to have wealth means you must have taken it from someone else.  This is like Barack Obama’s racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, saying that the US is rich because we loot Africa(!)

The existence of America disproved this medieval view in the 1800’s.  That this view exists today at all, much less that it’s popular, shows the corruption of the popular ideas in our culture.


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