Bison Rights

So I saw a fascinating show last night, about the Bison in Yellowstone National Park.  How they eat, and migrate, and how one bull will often kill another in order to have sex with a cow.  Interesting stuff.  Makes great TV, especially with today’s high-def, high-tech, high-zoom-lens cameras.  Sitting there, sipping a hard apple cider, watching on a front projection system on a 96″ screen was an unbelievable experience!  The clarity of the image really showed how breathtaking the scenery is, and the animals looked lifesize, as if they were 20 feet from my sofa.

But how in the world do you get from this … to the idea that the government should force humans back?  These are wild animals.  Since when did the cause of wildness trump the cause (or rights) of man?  Why would anyone argue for bison “rights”, except out of a desire to abrogate the rights of people?  What the heck do they mean by “rights” anyways??

Ironically (though I bet these activists don’t see the irony), the bison are getting killed and eaten by wolves, who were placed in Yellowstone a few years ago by the government.  If wolves kill bison, this does not bother the activists (who pays them to be active, anyway?).  If a man kills a bison, well, that’s immoral and illegal.

Man tamed the frontier, and made it into a better to live.  Today, our government is undoing this progress.  Why?


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