Taking Back America!

America today is hated by many who live here, and by almost everyone else in the world.  The people who hate America are envious.  They don’t want to live.  They want us to die.

Our foreign enemies can’t hurt us, except if we let them.  But our domestic enemies dominate our culture.  They control our mainstream media, our universities, our entertainment industry, our schools, and our legislatures.

I am writing because I want to take America back.

My name comes from the character in Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged.  Ragnar was a philosopher and a pirate.  He attacked ships that carryied loot taken from businessmen, and gave the loot back to its rightful owners.

I am not going to physically attack anyone, but I am going to expose our enemies in all their hate, deceit, and desire to destroy.

Hopefully, it will be a bloodbath! 🙂


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