Legalizing Prostitution

Ann Althouse today provides a good example of what’s wrong with how people think today, in her post on legalizing prostitution.  She gives the typical “conservative” position: that prostitution is immoral, hurtful to those who engage in it, and therefore it ought to be illegal.

The only mainstream alternative is the “liberal” view, that there’s nothing wrong with “alternative” lifestyles, and therefore it should be legal.


This is the problem of the blind elephant arguing with the blind donkey.  They’re both #$*&! blind!

The “conservative” view that government should outlaw everything that is hurtful is insane.  Drinking alcohol, injecting drugs, and smoking cigarettes?  What about eating too much or exercising too little?  What about lying to yourself?  What about not trying hard enough in school or at work?  What about fooling yourself into thinking that you can make a long drive across the desrt without a bathroom stop, and then discovering that you can’t, and peeing your pants?  Is the principle that government exists to protect us from harm we do to ourselves, or not?!

The “liberal” view that prostitution is not destructive is also indefensible.  Obviously, those women have problems (and would, even if it were legal).

This is what I want to take America back from!  The false alternative of having to choose the blind elephant or the blind donkey.

My idea* is that government is not here to protect us from harming ourselves, no matter how much it thinks we fit into a victim group.  It’s here to protect us from domestic thugs like the unabomber, and foreign thugs like the islamists, who would harm us by force or fraud.

Yes, selling your body is immoral, improper, irrational, stupid and self-destructive.  No, it shouldn’t be a federal case!

*I am not claiming to be the first to think up this idea, but I do hold it as an absolute.


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