Immunity from Thinking

So the US House of Representatives just passed a bill about surveillance of terrorist communications.  This is a complex issue and I don’t want to dive into it fully right now.  But I have two comments.

First, doesn’t anyone understand that the law has to be clear?  You have to know–in advance–what is legal and what is illegal.  Regardless of how you think about surveillance of terrorists, or of any particular regulation, there is a very simple principle.

Companies should be immune from prosecution and litigation based on compliance with regulation!

Otherwise, they are in a no-win situation.  Either refuse to comply, and be punished (and probably be forced in the end).  Or comply, and be dragged into court and be punished later.

Second, what’s with brain-dead reporters completely missing the boat and trying to spin the real issue into something it’s not?

“But it challenges the Bush administration…”

No, you #%*&! moron!  It threatens telecom companies!  They’re damned if they do, and damned if don’t!  What kind of subjectivist do you need to be in order to judge legislation based on who favored it and who opposed it?!?


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